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Teaching girls about menstrual cycles and health!

So excited to announce I'll be teaching my first 10-week session of Maidens by His Design within the next month! This class is designed for girls 8+ and their mothers/mentors. Topics covered are:

  • Basic female reproductive organs

  • Hormones

  • Cycle length

  • History and various cultural information

  • Tools and gear

  • How to celebrate womanhood in a Godly manner

  • How to take thoughts captive

  • How to erase a spirit of fear

  • How to learn about herbs that are helpful for that time of the month

  • Good nutrition, and more!

Even as a doula, I've learned so many things through this teacher training course that I didn't learn when training as a doula, even at 42 years of age! This is a thorough, interactive and fun class with lots of activities to engage girls in learning to embrace the way God designed our unique bodies to reproduce! If you or someone you know is interested in taking this class with me, reach out via email at

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