Childbirth Education In A Day 

Learn the secrets of birthing that hospitals don't tell you!

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Childbirth Ed In A Day

One 4-hour class

Get calm, confident, and prepared for labor! 

Learn evidence-based information about labor and birth that hospitals and obstetricians don't tell you, in this live, interactive online class! 


This 4-hour interactive, online class has been so popular, I'm now offering it as a 3+ hour on-demand video where you can stop and start anytime you like and get a 30-minute private consult with me upon completion! This consult allows you to ask an expert childbirth educator, doula, and breastfeeding counselor all your questions. So make sure to take notes and jot down questions as you watch the class! 


In just 4 hours, you'll be more prepared for the day your baby comes and can easily fit childbirth education into your busy lifestyle!

Just some topics covered:​

  • Philosophies of birth and hormones.

  • Practice positions & comfort measures.

  • Preparing for birth during COVID.

  • Stages of labor.

  • Newborn care.

  • Breastfeeding basics and more!

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Class fee is $57 and includes a 30-minute consultation!