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Faith Dexter, CD

Hi there and hello! My name is Faith and I’m thrilled that God has opened the door for me to work with expectant mothers to bring about a birth experience that aligns with their values and comforts. What better profession than one where you can build a close individual connection with your client while ushering in a precious little one into the world?

"A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.” -John 16:21

A little about me...

Ever since as a painfully shy teenager I was asked to pray immediately following the death of a loved one, and I did so without breaking down as I often did even in normal circumstances, I knew God had given me a heart of empathy able to put on the cloak of responsibility when people really needed me.

Over the years, that heart for others matured as I cared for and loved orphaned little ones in China who were blind, epileptic, etc.


I couldn’t heal them as Jesus did, but I could hold them. Just as I don’t have the power to take away the pain of childbirth myself, but I can hold your hand through it literally and figuratively, and hopefully help ease the pain with techniques I learned through Naomi as well as in training at the International Doula Institute.

I gave birth to my own two beautiful girls in China. I had a scare as the doctor found my first girl’s heartbeat was super low in a routine checkup near my due date. I remember crying as they rolled me through the halls to the maternity ward. Obviously I was scared and pretty much relied on the professionals.


I ended up being induced and enduring a long and painful labor as they upped and upped the Pitocin doses, and the contractions came faster and harder. My second labor they refused to turn on the A/C, wouldn’t give me a birth ball (they did have them and I wanted to keep moving) when I was exhausted from walking the halls for hours, and didn't want to let my husband into the delivery room with me.


Perhaps if I had a doula, she could have helped advocate for me instead of me having to sit on a bench outside the delivery room refusing to go in while my husband persuaded the staff. Thankfully, both my kids were born in good health, but a doula would have helped me make more informed decisions and given me a voice when I felt at the power of the hospital.


I so look forward to working with you, praying with you, massaging you (let’s face it, that’s what most mothers look forward to most!) and rejoicing with you as you bring a little bundle into the world who will bring you more joy than you can imagine!


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