Interactive Childbirth Classes

I'm Naomi Soncag, CD, CPD, CBC, CBEd and I'm so excited to offer you childbirth classes in an intimate setting where you can learn all about the process of having a baby! I'm passionate about helping families find their inner peace during the birthing process!


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Peaceful Birthing Class

Next class starts soon!


Childbirth Education In A Day

This 4-hour class is now offered on demand! Start watching today!


Peaceful Birthing

Next 4-week series begins soon!

Love your birth experience! 

Get unbiased, evidence-based birthing and biblical information to help you make informed decisions before stepping into the birth room! 


WHAT: 3-hour weekly, in-person or online childbirth classes will be held four consecutive Saturdays for a total of 12 hours of instruction.

WHEN: Next class starts May 7th from 9AM-12PM EST!

WHERE: TBD! Contact us for hybrid options. Space is very limited so sign up today!! 


In just 4 classes, you will retain the information you need to be well prepared for the day your baby comes!

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Just $197 for the entire series!

Looking for a private, one-on-one childbirth class? Simply email to find out more!


"This course covers every single detail about Childbirth. Naomi explains every part very well. I highly recommend you to take this class, you will be very well oriented and informed. Also, includes value material for you to read it on your own as supporting documents". -Marlene

"I'm a procrastinator and took this class just a few weeks before my scheduled induction. I had been feeling really unconfident about my knowledge on what labor might look like and what my options were. This class really helped me feel more prepared on what to expect and actually build a birth plan for myself and my little one. Really thankful I could get a class within 5 days of looking for one. I am not sure what I would have done if I hadn't been able to take this class." -Jordyn

This class has helped me become more prepared for my planned unmedicated birth. It has really opened my eyes on the power of birth and our bodies God created to be so unique and intentional! I truly appreciate it and am now excited for birth! -Alyssa