Interactive, Online Childbirth Classes

I'm Naomi Soncag, CD, CPD, CBC, CBEd and I'm so excited to meet you in an intimate setting for these childbirth education classes where you can learn all about the process of having a baby! I'm passionate about helping you find that peaceful place within you to birth your baby! Partners and support persons are encouraged to attend right alongside you!


As a professional member of Evidence Based Birth, Association of Christian Birth Professionals, and North Florida Birth Alliance, I've learned so much that I want to pass on to other birthing and postpartum mothers. I've helped hundreds of women in various stages of pregnancy and postpartum to navigate through changes in their body, their lifestyle, and their connections with family. I'm so excited to meet you and give you evidence-based information to help you on your birth and postpartum journey! 


"This course covers every single detail about Childbirth. Naomi explains every part very well. I highly recommend you to take this class, you will be very well oriented and informed. Also, includes value material for you to read it on your own as supporting documents". -Marlene

"I'm a procrastinator and took this class just a few weeks before my scheduled induction. I had been feeling really unconfident about my knowledge on what labor might look like and what my options were. This class really helped me feel more prepared on what to expect and actually build a birth plan for myself and my little one. Really thankful I could get a class within 5 days of looking for one. I am not sure what I would have done if I hadn't been able to take this class." -Jordyn

This class has helped me become more prepared for my planned unmedicated birth. It has really opened my eyes on the power of birth and our bodies God created to be so unique and intentional! I truly appreciate it and am now excited for birth! -Alyssa

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Peaceful Birthing Class

Every Tuesday from 6:30-7:30 PM EST for 6 weeks! Next class starts July 20th!


Childbirth Education In A Day

This 4-hour class is now offered on demand! Start watching today!


Peaceful Birthing

6-week series starts August 31st!

Love your birth experience! 

Get unbiased, evidence-based birthing information to help you make informed decisions before stepping into the birth room! 


These one hour interactive, online classes will be hosted on Zoom every Tuesday evening from 6:30 PM-7:30PM EST/3:30PM-4:30PM PST where you'll also get a live Q&A! 


These 6 brief classes allow you to easily retain the information and easily fit childbirth education into your busy lifestyle so you will be prepared for the day your baby comes!

Just some topics covered:

  • Peaceful birthing techniques.

  • Secrets to birthing with less pain.

  • Philosophies of birth and hormones.

  • Ensuring optimal positioning of baby.

  • Practice positions & comfort measures.

  • Stages of labor.

  • Newborn care.

  • Breastfeeding basics and more!

Just $97 for the entire series!


Childbirth Ed In A Day

One 4-hour class

Get calm, confident, and prepared for labor! 

Learn evidence-based information about labor and birth that hospitals and obstetricians don't tell you, in this live, interactive online class! 


This 4-hour interactive, online class has been so popular, I'm now offering it as a 3+ hour on-demand video where you can stop and start anytime you like and get a 30-minute private consult with me upon completion! This consult allows you to ask an expert childbirth educator, doula, and breastfeeding counselor all your questions. So make sure to take notes and jot down questions as you watch the class! 


In just 4 hours, you'll be more prepared for the day your baby comes and can easily fit childbirth education into your busy lifestyle!

Just some topics covered:​

  • Philosophies of birth and hormones.

  • Practice positions & comfort measures.

  • Preparing for birth during COVID.

  • Stages of labor.

  • Newborn care.

  • Breastfeeding basics and more!

Just $57 for instant access and 30-minute private consult!


Looking for a private, one-on-one childbirth class? Simply email to find out more!