Do you have Medicaid?

You may qualify for doula services to be paid through your Florida Medicaid plan with $0 out of pocket!


The following Florida Medicaid plans cover prenatal visits, full labor and birth support including initial breastfeeding, and 2 postpartum visits to check in with you after you and your baby are settled at home: Molina, Clear Health Alliance, Simply Healthcare, and UHC*.


The following Florida Medicaid plans cover labor and birth and initial breastfeeding only: Humana

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*UHC Medicaid covers doula services under certain criteria. Click here to learn more.


Research has shown:

  • Doulas improve your birth experience!

  • Doulas increase your chances of moms having a spontaneous vaginal birth!

  • Doulas reduce the cesarean rate by 25%!

  • Doulas improve baby's outcomes and improve Apgar scores (a newborn test to assess baby's health)!

  • Doulas shorten your labor!

  • Doulas reduce the need for medical interventions during labor and birth!

  • Doulas improve breastfeeding outcomes!

  • Doulas reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression!

A labor doula is typically the first to arrive supporting you through labor. We don't leave your side during labor or change shifts.

Labor doulas are trained professionals that focus their area of expertise on pregnancy and labor.

Postpartum doulas are trained professionals that focus care on you, your baby, and the rest of your family after baby is born.

Doulas advocate for YOU! We are independent of a hospital or provider and truly have your and your baby's best interest at heart.

Doulas are not doulas for the money, we truly care and are compassionate, honest, and trustworthy.

Doulas have labor tools you can use for your benefit!

Doulas fill the gap between your provider's 5-minute office visits and all the questions you have when you leave their office.

Doulas help a partner/spouse support you and help them feel valued! 


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What is the need for a doula?