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Meet The AgapeTeam


Founder & CEO

Naomi Soncag, CD, CPD, CBC, CBEd, MbHD Certified Instructor

First and foremost, I believe God divinely appoints His daughters to be mothers. I also believe that if you aren't pregnant yet, that you can become pregnant by standing on God's promises and praying and believing, as Hannah did in 1 Samuel 1...



New Staff Member coming soon!!

Coming soon...

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Randina Hoyt

I want a mother to know that she can be fully open and honest with me and know that I will address all her concerns and questions. Motherhood and the breastfeeding journey can be challenging and I am here to give you the support, encouragement, and all of my knowledge to answer those questions and help you overcome those challenges...



Jessica Homblette

I'm Jessica Homblette, the owner of Jessica Life Photography in Jacksonville, FL. I love to spend my time taking photos of children and their families...

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