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FEARLESS birth lab (Bookmark)

Dear sweet sister,

I want you to have the birth of your dreams! I want you to love this experience. Do you know why?...

Because I too felt very much alone when I gave birth for the first and only time. I know feeling of wanting to be understood, wanting your desires for your birth to be heard, and I know how I got them. Even though I felt alone, I applied my proven strategies to persevere and have a confident and fearless birth experience, all unmedicated, all naturally. I believe you can too! I want to help you achieve your goals. That's why I'm offering you an exclusive opportunity to enter the Fearless Birth Lab!

For only $37, you can get access to myself and my special guest, Randina Hoyt, who will be holding a deeper dive into the content of Fearless Birth Challenge! 

That's right! You'll get exclusive access to us to be able to dive deeper and participate in activations that will help you begin putting these strategies into practice!

What's more, for a limited time, you'll also get LIFETIME access to all the challenge and lab recordings!

That's a value of over $500! 

Don't miss this! Sign up for the Fearless Birth Lab below now!

God bless,


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