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Doulas Are Essential

Is this the way you want to birth your baby? In a medical procedure with major abdominal surgery? Alone or with only your partner (if allowed) and strangers? No one should have to birth this way because they are forced by policies to leave their doulas outside hospitals around the country while they deliver. Doulas have proven time and time again that we are essential to the birthing mother and baby, we improve birth outcomes by reducing cesarean rates, increasing Apgar scores, reducing incidence of PPD, and reducing incidence of birth trauma. Please join me in fighting for doulas to be recognized as essential in hospitals. Women who at higher risk and/or low-income don't have a choice to birth elsewhere and should not be forced to birth without a professional trained to provide continuous labor support. These women are already more susceptible to Covid-19 and need the support of their doulas more than ever. I implore you to sign this petition so more women do not have to suffer the emotional trauma that the medical system is putting them through. #doulasareessential, #doulasarenotvisitors, #theagapeway, #christianbirthing

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