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How to Get Reimbursed by your Insurance Company for Doula Services and Breastfeeding Support!

Do you often wonder what your health insurance is even doing for you? They sometimes won't pay for services that would improve your and your family's well-being. Here, I'm going to tell you a few simple steps you can try to get reimbursed by your insurance company. It's not fail-proof but it's worth a shot!

  1. Take the receipt Agape Doulas LLC provides, which will have CPT codes, an NPI code, and any diagnosis codes and submit them with your insurance company's standard insurance claim form or an HCFA-1500 to your insurance company. If you have Medicaid, 11 out of 19 Florida Medicaid plans cover doula services (some with restrictions). Check out this chart. Call your Medicaid insurer to check their guidelines also. Lactation and breastfeeding support may be covered as well. Pumps should be covered also.

  2. After 30 days, your insurance company has likely made a decision on your claim. Check with them to see if it is approved. If not, call us and we will get you copies of certification and a letter stating why the service saved the insurance company money. 

  3. Call your midwife or OB office if you had doula services with us and ask them for a brief letter stating that it saved the insurance company money to have a doula present instead of a lengthier hospital stay and/or possible surgery or other medications.

  4. Write a letter to the CEO of your insurance company. Tell him the positive reasons you see for having had a doula while laboring and saving his company thousands of dollars. If you had lactation consulting, tell the CEO the importance of breastmilk versus formula and that you are willing to seek out the help and take the extra care involved to provide that to your baby, the company should support you in nourishing your baby with the best food you can provide, human milk!

  5. Include the letter from us, the letter from your midwife/OB (if doula service was provided), your letter to the CEO, a copy of your original claim form and receipt in one envelope.

  6. Say a prayer and we'll be praying with you!

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