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What you should know about COVID treatments

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

I'll be covering vaccines in a future blog post.

I’m sure, like me, you’re probably sick of hearing about this by now, but this is fact that I cannot ignore, and I hope you don’t either. Weigh everything with the Word and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to you after looking at this.

I am appalled at every hospital birth I attend, at the hospital protocols, at how patients are treated, at how patients are violated. This blog is really aimed at educating pregnant and postpartum women.

In this video, it is alleged that the CDC guidelines for all hospitals is to use remdesivir drug to treat all COVID patients and that this drug has killed more than half of participants in a clinical trial.

I found that the CDC is still recommending pregnant and pediatric COVID patients to be treated with remdesivir also.

Link to CDC guidelines for hospitalized COVID patients (this drug is now FDA approved):

Link to New England Journal of Medicine's report on the ebola trial that used remdesivir as one of 4 trial drugs and more than half of the remdesivir group died before 28 days!

Furthermore, here is the link for treatment of pregnant patients with COVID:

All this to say, we need to be educated for ourselves, our children, and our family. The responsibility of our children lies in our hands, not in the medical system, doctors, the CDC or any other governmental agency or organization for that matter. And certainly not schools! Please let me know your thoughts and stay tuned for my next blog post on the COVID vaccines.

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