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Why Postpartum Doula Services: New Mom shares her experience

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The period after childbirth, known as the postpartum period, can be a challenging time for new parents. Despite expectations of this period being easy, many new mothers face a variety of challenges, from physical changes to emotional struggles.

As a mother who experienced the postpartum period, I can attest to the challenges and hardships that come with it. However, I also recognize that having access to postpartum doula services can make a significant difference in navigating this transition.

Two years ago, I gave birth to my first child. I had no prior experience with postpartum doula services and did not know what to expect from the postpartum period. I assumed that I would be able to handle everything on my own, but soon realized that it was not as easy as I thought.

One of the biggest challenges I faced during this period was breastfeeding. I struggled to get my child to latch on, and it became a significant source of stress and anxiety for me.

In addition to my difficulties with breastfeeding, I also struggled with accepting my new body. Pregnancy had taken a toll on my body, and I found it hard to come to terms with the changes. As a result, I slipped into depression, which made it even harder for me to care for my child.

At the time, I had no idea of postpartum doula services and did not realize how much they could have helped me through this challenging time.

Postpartum doulas are trained professionals who provide physical, emotional, and informational support to new mothers and their families during the postpartum period. They offer a range of services, including help with breastfeeding, emotional support, and practical assistance with household tasks.

Looking back, I wish I had known about postpartum doula services and had taken advantage of their support. By having access to a doula, I would have had someone to turn to when I was struggling with breastfeeding. I would have had emotional support during my struggles with accepting my new body, which could have prevented my slide into depression.

Most importantly, I would have had someone who could have provided me with practical assistance with household tasks, allowing me to focus on my recovery and my child.

I strongly recommend postpartum doula services to expectant mothers as it is crucial to recognize that this period can be challenging, and it is essential to have support during this time.

Postpartum doula services can make a significant difference in navigating this transition, making it easier for new mothers to adjust to their new role and embrace their journey as a mother.

This highlights the need for more advocacy to promote the use of postpartum doula services so that more new mothers can have access to the support they need.

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