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This is for rental only!

The Professional Birth Pool in a Box model is designed for reuse by midwives, birth centers, hospitals and in other situations requiring a more durable tub that can withstand repeated use.

The .55mm heavy plastic material provides extra strength and protection over the personal version. This extra thickness on the bottom of the pool helps to prevent leaks and drips on the floor. The added thickness also offers a layer of padding on the bottom which makes it more comfortable for clients. 

We provide you with a disposable liner that provides a safe and sanitary method for reusing the tubs.  Disposable liners are not only hygienic and may be required for meeting infection control standards. 

Each pool comes with clear and simple instructions for set up, cleaning and storage.

Carrying Case

Each Professional pool also comes with a black custom carrying case with the following features:

  • Two large straps for carrying the pool like a backpack. 
  • Thermal insulation to slow down the cooling of the pool in lower temperatures, e.g outside in winter.  
  • Compression straps to prevent pool expansion after folding;
  • A liner pocket
  • Folding instructions on inside of top lid
  • Small top carrying handle for when you don't want to carry it as a backpack.
  • Specifications
  • Birth Pool in a Box
    Professional Pool

    Mini size


    Ellipsoid (Egg)

    External max dimensions

    65 x 57"


    165 x 145cm

    Internal max dimensions

    45 x 37"


    114 x 94cm

    Internal depth




    Max. Water Depth

    22" (55 cm)

    Rim width




    Built-in seat


    Disposable liner

    NOT included

    Handles on Outside


    Handles on Top


    Water Capacity - 80% full

    127 gallons


    480 liters

    Water Capacity - 90% full

    140 gallons


    530 liters

    Weight when filled (add weight of mother)

    1058 lbs



    Pool Material

    Pool: 0.55mm PVC

  • Delivery fee of $25 within 40 miles of zip code 32202, shipping fee of $30 outside Jacksonville, FL.
  • $150 refundable deposit required.

Waterbirth pool rental-professional grade

SKU: 0001
  • Pool rental only!



    carrying case

    in-pool liner

    floating thermometer


    faucet adapter

    air pump

    water draining pump

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