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How to have a pain-free supernatural birth experience!

Dear Christian Mom-to-be! Right Now, I am Going To Show You the Secret Tools That I've Personally Taught My Clients and Students to Use to Birth Pain-Free From a Heavenly Mindset...

If You're Tired Of Trying All The Things And Still Not Being Where You Want To Be... 

Learn These Proven Birthing Strategies You Need To Birth Pain-Free In a Heavenly Atmosphere...

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  • 1-day trial course

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  • unlimited full course access

  • 75+ scripture & affirmation cards

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  • unlimited full course access

  • 75+ scripture & affirmation cards

  • three 30 minute phone appointments with Naomi

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then you simply can't afford to miss this opportunity where we are going to show you how to:

Fearless Birth Workshop

Learn how to stay calm and clear headed during labor...
Understand the natural birth process...  
Get wisdom and knowledge for birth...
Shake off fears and thoughts of pain...
Understand the difference between natural birth and supernatural birth...
Understand pain-free concepts in natural and supernatural birth…(upgrade to gain access)
What to do when labor begins...(upgrade to gain access)
How to pray before and during labor...(upgrade to gain access)
How to minimize pain...(upgrade to gain access)

Naomi's strategies work and can put you on the quickest, simplest path to success in the birth room. 

Get exclusive access to this transformational on-demand, self-paced course

valued at $280+ for FREE!… 

in this Pain-free Supernatural Birthing Trial Course you can gain INSTANT ACCESS!
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Option 3!


In this transformational on demand, self-paced experience

I will share with you my personal birth strategies,
full of little-known secrets that have allowed my clients
to have drug-free, pain-free births…
From a first-time expectant mom to increasing your faith to believe for a supernatural birth experience...

From having no doula to becoming a doula myself and helping clients
implement these calming and faith-filled techniques....

From complete obscurity to becoming the #1 doula giving away
secrets to birth PAIN-FREE!
Go from this...
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If you are ready to take control of your life and birth...then you simply can't afford to miss this course...

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Meet your guide,

Naomi Soncag, CD, CPD, CBC, CBEd
Naomi Soncag

    Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Certified Childbirth Educator, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, and Certified Maidens by His Design Instructor

    ​The #1 Go To Industry Expert On Birthing, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding Challenges: As an expert in the industry, Naomi is routinely called upon by birthing and postpartum women, mothers, and other influencers for her expertise and strategic guidance on how to manage birthing, breastfeeding, postpartum, and menstrual cycles, and implementing Naomi's proven birthing strategies.

    ​Creator of Pain-free Supernatural Birthing Course, Fearless Birthing Workshop and Birthing the Kingdom Way Course: The absolute best-in-class trainings for how to use Naomi's strategies to manage pregnancy, birth and beyond, anywhere, anytime. Hundreds of women have been able to finally break through and have success in their birthing experiences with Naomi's simple and easy to use pregnancy and birthing strategies.
Here are just a few of the clients I've personally had the pleasure to serve and have used my strategies to have success in the birth room and in postpartum and breastfeeding!
Agape Doulas LLC
Agape Doulas LLC
Agape Doulas LLC
Agape Doulas LLC

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Dear millennial mamas expecting fall babies who want a natural birth but fear it might be more than you can do alone:

It’s a sad fact that, in the United States, approximately 1 out of 3 births end in cesarean delivery and approximately 73% of women choose an epidural despite often needing pitocin (making labor harder) to progress labor. These rates are alarming!


Since the pandemic, hospitals have restricted visitors and essential birthing team members such as doulas. There’s been a monumental shift to birth less supported than ever before…


Women around the globe are trying to figure out how to manage labor alone. And let's face it, even if it's not your husband's or partner's first rodeo, men are clueless when it comes to understanding your body in birth, not to mention your mother who likely had interventions of her own and may have never experienced a natural labor.


It takes a lot of hard work to labor, that's why it's called LABOR.


So many women NEED adequate support that isn't available to them and are simply waiting too late to get that support.


Hearing things like:

"We're going to start pitocin now." 

"Your OB doesn't want you to eat anything during labor."

"We're going to check your cervix every 4 hours."

"All the women who check in here get an IV."


All of these are interventions that are unnecessary for healthy, low-risk moms that are often pushed into interventions without being given a choice to opt out…


...unless you have significant knowledge and can afford to hire experts to be with you during your labor, which also doesn't guarantee your labor goes the way you want it.


If you’ve been following the birthing experts and trying to do all the research on your own -- you may have found it's time-consuming and a ton of work: You could also still end up with a less favorable birth experience...


Listen, I don’t want that to happen to you.


I want to see you succeed, triumph over your fears, and create the birth of your dreams.


That’s why I’m offering my proven birthing framework, that is responsible for helping women finally have success in the birth room, for ONLY $197 to save you from getting stuck in the same insecurities and self-doubt and instead, to set you up for a birth experience that leaves you fulfilled, empowered, and joyful.


I am 100% convinced there is no faster, simpler, easier way for you to break free of your insecurities and fears and have a fearless birth than by using this proven framework that we will walk you through in the 8-week Fearless Birth Workshop!


Yes, You Read That Right...


There is no faster, simpler, easier way to break free from your insecurities and fears have a fearless birth than by using this proven framework that we will walk you through in the 8-week Fearless Birth Workshop!


If you are ready to stop wasting time and money...


Doing a bunch of research and reading all the pregnancy books...


And banging your head against the wall trying to understand how to get the support you need and crack the natural birthing code, LOL!...this 8-week Fearless Birth Workshop is absolutely for you.


Oh and by the way this will work...


In any birth setting!


Now It's Your Turn to punch fear in the face! 


If you are ready to be a woman that will go from frustrated and overwhelmed to finally being confident, courageous, and fearless for your next birth, be sure to SIGN UP NOW while you still can!


You have no idea what's available for you on the other side of your decision to sign up for the 8-week Fearless Birth Workshop. 


God bless,

Naomi Soncag, CD, CPD, CBC, CBEd, MbHD Certified Instructor



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