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Freedom in Birth- Independence Day Special

As we sit on the anniversary of our independence here in the United States, I think about the freedom we have here. Relative to birthing in America, It is not the best of circumstances, but certainly not the least of circumstances. 

Many other countries have much worse circumstances than we do surrounding our birth experiences.

If you haven’t listened to my podcast episode from March 2023, I encourage you to do so, as we discussed in detail the account of one mother’s experience in Nigeria.

In America, many women are blessed with the option of having their baby at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital. 

I find it interesting that, depending on where you live, one option typically yields better overall results and that option is not always the same in different geographical locations.

For example, if I’m a woman birthing in most countries in Africa, a hospital is likely the best option.

In America, however, a home birth is typically the best option.

This is due to many factors but the most prevalent are socio-economic and environmental (which is also related to economic conditions).

I’ve seen many births now, all in America (I know one day the Lord will call me to other countries to help women and babies, but for now, this is where He has me).

I’ve attended all 3 types of birth and the most awe-inspiring of births have happened in ALL 3 SETTINGS! 
en-caul birth
baby born at home en-caul birth

Yes, that’s right! You can have an awe-inspiring birth in a hospital, a birth center or in your home.


It’s all about our mindset and the preparation leading up to birth.

You see, your mind controls your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your willpower, your strength, and your faith.

Have you prepared for your birth experience? It’s never too early (even in pre-conception) and it’s typically not too late, unless labor has already begun. 

If so, how have you prepared? Would you like more information?

If not, NOW is the time to reach out and begin preparing. Book a free consultation today!

If you’re in America, praise God for the freedoms we have in birthing here. Women from all over the world travel here just to have better outcomes. Yes, there is still work to be done to make free birth or unassisted birth legal, hospitals safer to have natural labor and birth, and uphold the rights of birthing women everywhere (check out this resource to know your rights). We know our bodies better than anyone except Jesus.

But today, I celebrate and reflect on the freedom we do have in America and count myself blessed.  

We still have the opportunity to praise the Lord with worship music during our labor and birth!

We still have the opportunity to honor Him with prayer and praying in tongues while our babies are being birthed. We still have the opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus and bring Kingdom to earth in the moment our babies are coming into the world

All glory and honor to the King for the freedom we do have in America! Happy Independence Day to you all!

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