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Additional info on COVID

I feel compelled to post more info on this subject. First and foremost, you need to feel complete peace in any decision you make, whether to vaccinate or not vaccinate, whether to mask or not mask, etc.

Many people are very divided on this subject, even between family. That's not the way Christ calls us to act. This information is just common sense in my opinion and these front-line doctors give practical advice on how to manage COVID, with or without the vaccine, because frankly, it is less than 40% effective, not to mention many side effects, including death.

FLCCC.NET -several front-line doctors talk about a preventive protocol for COVID, and really, any virus!

Here's their protocol for prevention and early treatment! They do not recommend ivermectin in pregnancy unless you are ill, but the remainder of the protocol doesn't hurt. I don't know if I would take melatonin if you are postpartum just because it may make you too drowsy to take care of baby.

Download PDF • 202KB

There is a ton of other info on this subject so if you want more, post a comment or email me!

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